Betting is normal in our world, and while some argue about the morality of betting, its addictive nature, it is still among the world’s most practiced hobbies. People bet on anything, from sports, to who will win a certain election. Yes, politics are a frequent point of interest for bettors.

With that in mind, people love betting on the British royal family. How does that work, you wonder? Well, it works because people love predicting whether one thing or another will happen, for example, whether the Queen will wear a blue or red dress for the Royal Ascot 2019. Other bets include whether a certain royal couple will have a child and whether that child will be a boy or girl. What are some of the royal bets you can bet on? Here are some of the most popular bets.

Who Will Rule Next Bet

This bet should be self explanatory. It is a bet on who will be the next monarch of the UK. There are a couple of candidates, like Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George are the most frequent candidates. The odds are better for some than for others, given how the succession line should work. But, things which disturb the succession order might happen, and this is why there are multiple bets, and not just Prince Charles.

Who Will Have a Baby Bet

This is another special which people love. Rumors, pregnancies and the like spread like wildfire among people. The most recent one deals with Catherine Middleton, or Kate Middleton, the wife of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. They already have 3 children and speculations about another pregnancy are always lovely for the bookmakers. They promptly put up bets whether or not Kate will have another child. If it proves to be true, then the next bets will be whether it will be a boy or girl. These kinds of bets are fairly popular, though they are not often available.

Even More Specific Bets – Baby Names and Date of Birth

Given how bets can go too far, bookmakers have to follow through and enable people to bet on what the name of the next royal baby is going to be. Not only that, but you can also bet on the exact date of birth of the royal baby. And all of this is based on rumors, mind you, not an actual fact of pregnancy. 

Who Will be the Next Prime Minister

This is an interesting bet as it ties a bit to the royal family. People even bet on whether members of the royal family will become the next prime minister, including the Queen herself. This is quite amusing, but it is a possible option if you like these sorts of bets. You can even bet on whether a political announcement will be made, it doesn’t even have to come to fruition. Brexit bets are among the more popular political bets.

Potential Marriages or Separations

Marriages and separations are dramatic stories and people just gobble those stories up. Bookmakers are aware of this, so they allow the people to bet on whether a certain royal couple will split up or find a new partner. Yes, these kinds of bets are also frequently based on nothing more than rumors. 

The royal family always attracts attention, from the British people and all over the world. Bookmakers know that people love betting, so they create the most interesting royal family bets you could have ever hoped to see. If you do plan on betting something so volatile, do so responsibly.