Cambridge as a town is a rather popular one, not only due to its rich history, but also because it is home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the University of Cambridge. It has a lot of history, especially with sports. You can play a plethora of sports in Cambridge, but not just that, you can also bet. Bookmakers are legal in the UK but if you’re on the go, you ought to use an online bookmaker. Reviews are a great place to start to find one that’s reputable, and some of them like this GiveMeBet review even promise a promo code to help you get started the right way.

Back to sports, if you want to be active in Cambridge, here are some sports to consider.

Football (Soccer)

Of course it’s football, it’s England we’re talking about. The Cambridge Rules were first played on Parker’s Piece, a flat area of grass located near the center of Cambridge. Likewise, these rules had quite an influence on the 1863 Football Association rules, again, first played on Parker’s Piece. The city is also home to Cambridge United Football Club.


This is an English sport at its finest. Bats and a ball and lots and lots of fans. Needless to say, this very popular sport also took place in Cambridge, at least in the years 1817 to 1864, Parker’s Piece once again being used for first-class cricket. First-class is a classification of the highest international standard of cricket. The University of Cambridge has its own cricket grounds called Fenner’s. There are many teams in Cambridge, professional and amateur alike, so if you become fond of cricket, you will have lots of choices.

Bump Racing

This is a very special sport, native to England and their universities Oxford and Cambridge. It usually involves colleges competing against one another. It takes place on rivers, where the goal is to chase the boat in front of you and bump it, while staying away from the one behind you in order not to get bumped. The boats usually have 9 people, 8 rowing and one in the back. If you like rowing and water, then these types of races are definitely for you.

Other Sports

There are many more sports, yet they do not have as many clubs and representatives as the ones above. Tennis is a good start. Interestingly enough, Cambridge is one of the few towns in the world that holds two Real Tennis courts, a special kind of tennis, the original from which came the modern tennis we watch and love.

For all those fond of American sports, have no fear as Cambridge has both American football clubs and baseball clubs. Water polo is also a sport you can try, as well as polo if you’re fond of horses. Handball is available to you and so is cycling, as Cambridge has many cycling clubs. You can also play roller derby if you love roller skating. Track and field is available through the Cambridge & Coleridge Athletic Club.

If you ever find yourself in Cambridge, living or staying there, you will definitely not lack for sports. There are many more clubs to be found in Cambridge, for all kinds of sports. Which sports will you be playing?