Police had a shock when they pulled over a van driver who has too much cheese on board his van.

The driver was found to have 1,280kg or 2,822 pounds more cheese on board than he was legally allowed to carry. The police were forced to ask the driver to either remove the cheese, or as they joked, eat it.

In fact, the van was a whopping 41% over the legal weight limit for the allowed cheese weight on board – yes there is a weight limit! However, it’s unknown which cheeses were onboard or where they were going.

This discovery was made by police in the area of Sawtry, Cambridgeshire. The result of the van driver’s clash with police was to send for help during the conversation. He was given limited choices, either to remove the cheese, call for help or eat the contents of the van. This would have been an interesting task, but surely anyone in the vicinity at the time would have given a helping hand, if offered!

The driver was allowed by police to remove some of the cheese from the van. After doing this, another van arrived on scene which was able to take away the excess. It’s unknown whether the police were able to sample any of the cheesy delights.

Wondering where exactly this took place? Police made the stop at Weighbridge off the A1. The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire road policing unit were in charge of the discovery. You can follow them on Twitter at: @ROADPOLICEBCH.

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