The United Kingdom is not the place to head if you are looking for cocktails and sunny beaches. However, it can offer visitors as much rain, wind and clouds as they might expect.

Local weather in Cambridge reaches highs of 18°C in August and just 4°C at its lowest in January. No wonder those who can afford it escape to Spain, eh!

However, if you want to don your waterproof coat and go for a walk in the countryside, you won’t be disappointed. The wettest month in the year in the city is August and during this time you’ll encounter an incredible average of 53mm of rain! When you’re finished on your countryside walk, the pub will definitely be calling your name and you can curl up in the warm with a comforting pint. No wonder the UK is famous for its comforting, fattening foods.

In fact, in July, the city gets just six hours of sunlight a day. In those times, you better make sure you’re making the most of it and are outside with friends or enjoying boating on the water!

Thankfully this city has more to offer locals and tourists than good weather. But, as soon as a warm day begins, everyone will be lounging around the parks and making the most of the sunshine.

If you prefer snow, you might also be disappointed as throughout the year there are only around five snow days to enjoy. However, you’ll need that thick coat through winter whether there is snow or not! There is a heavy cloud coverage throughout much of the year in this country, but it could be worse!
If you have any weather news or know of any locals who are plotting the weather, then get in touch. We’d love to feature weather stories on Cambridge Evening News and will be providing updates throughout the year. It’s true – British people do love to talk about the weather.