Fans were ecstatic when Cambridge United won a match against Coventry City with a 2-1 victory on Saturday. The team made, out for four, three League Two wins to the joy of crowds and fans. However, it was a very narrow win, creating a fantastic match to watch and be part of. Were you there?

In fact, Coventry were actually level early into the second half due to an unfortunate surprise goal. However, the team pulled it back and luckily, all players were on top form, including; keeper David Forde and strikers Havo Ibehre and Uche Ikpeazu who both scored.
As a result, the atmosphere at the event, as you can imagine was fantastic and the vibe was certainly victorious after the game. The second half saw both teams vying for the ball as the competition heated up.

This post match analysis from the BBC comes down to the fact that the teams were on equal footing in terms of ball possession, with Coventry slightly more in control. Coventry also had more shots, however, in the end Cambridge came out on top.

Forde made two saves, sending the crowd wild. As a result, Coventry fans were heading home feeling rather dejected as they fail convert their chances. However, in Cambridge, the result was a great afternoon in Cambridge and the pubs that evening were a treat to visit.

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