Do you hate trying on clothes? Visiting a boring clothes store to buy something online when you could be spending your money online, betting on your favourite sports, checking out or simply scrolling down Facebook? (Hey, we don’t judge, online time is different for everyone!)

Well, Tom Adeyoola is an entrepreneur with a mission. He wants to make visiting stores as virtual as online gambling, conversations with friends and book shop browsing. Clothes shopping is something which has been slow to move into the virtual realm.

However, with this new startup, which is called Metail, it’s possible to see yourself in 3D, wearing virtual clothes so you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

The computer technology is from Cambridge University and it suddenly becomes very easy to see a new outfit in 360 degrees. However, touching the fabric, at this point in time, is not possible! For any lazy shoppers out there, you could be using one device to scroll and the other to be buying clothes for that pesky summer wedding you’ve got no interest in attending…

Adeyoola is a Cambridge university graduate. His startup uses the technology to show off clothes, however, it has been a long ride getting to this place. Adeyoola spent time trying to come up with an idea which he wanted to work on. However, he remembered a Cambridge professor who he’d met during research for a project about online gambling.

He remembered how this professor was turning 3D models into photographs using computer technology. Adeyoola is positive his work is needed in the growing market of online clothes buying. However, the questions remains, can he compete with huge names such as ASOS?

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