Cambridge is a well known name worldwide thanks to its gorgeous landscape, it’s greeny and its university. But, not only does this city offer a fantastic university, founded in 1209, should also be renowned for its theatre, music and museums too and the fascinating history which comes along with all of these endeavours. It is a city which has easy links to London and a past rooted in the Bronze Age and Roman Britain, making it a very enjoyable place to live with locals putting up with the rain due to the culture, prosperity and history on every doorstep!

Wandering around the city, tourists and locals will find welcoming faces, a huge number of students and a friendly community. These are the people that Cambridge Evening News are happy to write for and even write about.

The county offers locals and tourists some fantastic and thrilling history. In fact, it’s believed Cambridge has housed settlements since prehistoric times. Over time, the land has seen Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

In fact, during the Second World War, the city was crucial as part of defence of the East Coast of the United Kingdom. Not only was the area a military centre, it also served as an evacuation centre.

Many of the buildings in the the county offer viewers stunning architecture from the two universities to the castle on Castle Hill. However, there are also splendid countryside views and walks to be found in this county too.

Cambridge is a city with a rich history and a bright future. Cambridge Evening News wants to do justice to those who live and visit the local area. You’ll find the latest, up to date news and gossip in this town as well as a focus on futuristic developments and technologies.

The goal of this news site is to bring reliable news and journalism to the area as well as a little fun, with interesting features supporting locals and local businesses too. There should be no doubt that Cambridge Evening News is here to serve the local people of this fantastic, historical city. Keep reading!