The Royal Betting Frenzy – People Betting on the Royal Family

Betting is normal in our world, and while some argue about the morality of betting, its addictive nature, it is still among the world’s most practiced hobbies. People bet on anything, from sports, to who will win a certain election. Yes, politics are a frequent point of interest for bettors. With that in mind, people […]

Can You Legally Gamble in Cambridge?

Gambling is as old as time, and it is present in one form or another all over the globe. However, in some places it is allowed, while in others it is prohibited, and Cambridge is the city we are currently interested in. Being part of the United Kingdom, this place falls under its laws. In […]

Get Ready for Many Exciting Events in November in Cambridge

November in Cambridge is going to be exciting as numerous exciting events are around the corner! If you are a resident of this city, or you are just passing by, make sure to stop by at one of the events suggested below. Read on! Rob Beckett: Mouth of the South Rob returns to stand-up comedy […]

Is It Hard to Become a Bookmaker?

When you have been betting on sports all your life and you know all the ins and outs of how it works, chances are you would make a good bookmaker. However, sports knowledge, passion and luck might be enough to make some money out of wagering with services like Buffalo Wild Wings Sports Betting, but […]

Sports you can Play in Cambridge – It’s not Just Football

Cambridge as a town is a rather popular one, not only due to its rich history, but also because it is home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the University of Cambridge. It has a lot of history, especially with sports. You can play a plethora of sports in Cambridge, but not just […]

Cambridge United Loses at Port Vale

If you are looking for good places to bet online, you are at the right spot! 888Sport Promotion 2018 will give you great bonuses, and a huge variety of betting options for football and other sports! Cambridge United lost 2-0 to Port Vale at Vale Park on Saturday, 9 December. Despite the snow, the pitch […]

Local weather throughout the year

The United Kingdom is not the place to head if you are looking for cocktails and sunny beaches. However, it can offer visitors as much rain, wind and clouds as they might expect. Local weather in Cambridge reaches highs of 18°C in August and just 4°C at its lowest in January. No wonder those who […]

Local football event

Fans were ecstatic when Cambridge United won a match against Coventry City with a 2-1 victory on Saturday. The team made, out for four, three League Two wins to the joy of crowds and fans. However, it was a very narrow win, creating a fantastic match to watch and be part of. Were you there? […]

Police had a shock when they pulled over a van driver

Police had a shock when they pulled over a van driver who has too much cheese on board his van. The driver was found to have 1,280kg or 2,822 pounds more cheese on board than he was legally allowed to carry. The police were forced to ask the driver to either remove the cheese, or […]

Do you hate trying on clothes?

Do you hate trying on clothes? Visiting a boring clothes store to buy something online when you could be spending your money online, betting on your favourite sports, checking out or simply scrolling down Facebook? (Hey, we don’t judge, online time is different for everyone!) Well, Tom Adeyoola is an entrepreneur with a mission. […]